October Reading. Gotta tell’ya, it’s gonna be awesome!

October is the tenth month of the year and 10 is the number of completion, of fulfilment and rounding off. Interestingly the Ten of Pentacles has popped up as the energy of the month, and there are a lot of pentacles in this reading which means that the emphasis of this month will be on very Earthy matters. House, property and finance will be in the forefront this month.
There will be a completion of things related to property or finance. Some investments may come through or a property may sell. The 10 of Pentacles is one of the best cards to get, in terms of money or finance. It implies a time of fulfilment and accomplishment, which may have happened after some struggle or loss. It could mean a move up the career ladder, definitely more finances and could even mean a marriage.
And if that is not enough, the second card for the month is the Empress. The Empress signifies abundance in all its forms. Be it wealth or home life or career, when the Empress appears it’s a fruitful time. Expect to feel abundant this month. Abundance can happen in different forms for different people, not just an inflow of money – a house full of family and friends could mean abundance or a holiday for some. Abundance usually implies a big flow, could be money, could be people, could be good news.
How awesome is October!
You may feel overwhelmed with so many good things just landing in your lap. The cards say that you have the strength to handle it. Go piece by piece, step by step and you will be able to manage it just fine. We never get more than we can handle. This is your moment, your moment of triumph if you will, so worry-not about whether it is too much or if it will last, just enjoy the moment.
Take time this month to connect with the earth and with nature as well. It will keep you grounded and it will keep you humble.
The first week is for making new moves in your career or work. Something new is on it’s way to you. Make sure to capitalise on the opportunities that are being offered to you. If nothing new is apparent then consider adding something new into the mix and it will help things along.
The second week is all about enjoying the fruits of your labour. Take time to celebrate your achievement or reward. If it’s a new venture, start that out with a celebration. Maybe gift yourself something. Anything to mark this time of abundance for yourself. Don’t let this moment go unmarked.
The third week may ask you to give a loan or a helping hand to someone. You may give it, thinking that it will come back to you someday. Be aware though that the world is round and it is not necessary that you receive from the person you give to. Do give the help but do so without expectation of return from this person.
Last week will see you bursting with new ideas and new inspiration. You will make swift decisions and equally swift actions. In all this swift-ness don’t forget to think through the consequences of your actions. Be swift but don’t be rash, don’t cut any corners in your rush.
More lovely things, October brings!
Money – It is a month of abundance so money will not be an issue at all. If you are looking at investments don’t get carried away with sentiment, logic and reasoning will serve you well here. Get some expert advice if you are the slightest bit unsure.
Love – Your shadow self or the negative voice in your head may show up in matters of love and relationships. You may find that there is an over-dependancy from either your side or from the other. This happens when we don’t feel complete in ourselves and tend to lean on the other. If it’s a temporary situation, that is fine, just make sure it doesn’t become a permanent one. Our shadow selves are the parts of us that we reject and they come up in the most unexpected moments when something triggers them. It is good to be aware of what the trigger is and where it’s coming from in the past. In this way, you can let the past be the past and take the present for what it is.
Health – You may have bouts of insomnia this month. We do respond to the cycles of the moon and the full moon and new moon both can cause sleepless nights, especially if you are worried about something. Know that this worry that you feel is internal, there is nothing in the external environment that you need to worry about. Try and sort through the worry in the waking hours and you will sleep better at night. Anxiety or worry can only be about the future, which means that the situation has a possibility of occurring but hasn’t occurred yet. The cards say that what you are worried about will not come to pass so ease up and rest.
Home – Life is good right now and will continue to be so. If there is a point of contention in the home, remember to keep the ego aside and listen on to your feelings. It will serve you well if you stay with the emotion versus what is right or wrong, fair or unfair. When it comes to personal relationships it’s the emotions that matter, nothing else.
If there is a project of some sort in your mind, October, especially the first week is a great time to kick start it. If you’re thinking of buying a house or some property, this is a great time to do it. Same goes for marriage or even having a baby. For things to work out beautifully, you need to keep your negative thoughts in check. Trust that the universe is always working in your favour and your highest good. It’s a fabulous month of abundance, fulfilment and personal triumph, enjoy it to the fullest!

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