Tree of life.

The tree of life represents our connection to the Earth and to the Sky, to the Material and the Spiritual. It represents our passage in this life, of not having one or the other but needing both material and spiritual. The best kind of life is a balance of being and doing. If you find …

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February ~ Potential & Possiblity

February will be a month where you may feel that you are yo-yo-ing or going around in circles. Some financial loss and then some financial gain, heartbreak but then a shining light, and that is the energy of the month. The High Priestess rules the month of February and duality is her nature.

5 of Pentacles.

The 5 of pentacles represents some money going out the window. You may encounter some unexpected expenses today or even regret a purchase you made. You may think why this, why now but keep in mind that the universe is always working for you. So a scratch or a dent in the car is much …

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Pachamama, the Goddess of the Earth is known to us by many names. Gaia, Devi, Oshun, Innana. She is the mother goddess, nature itself, the creator of life, of fertility and is revered across cultures. It is her drop of divine blood that flows within us. You can ask for her blessings if undertaking an …

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Ace of Wands.

If you're thinking of a new project, even if it's a DIY - go for it. Or you could have an opportunity to learn so thing new - if a course or workshop comes your way that interests you go for that as well. The Ace is a pretty significant card and could mean a …

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Sparking Joy.

I've been watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo (anyone seen it? On Netflix. So satisfies my ocd aspect 😁). She talks about only keeping things that spark joy and thanking the things that don't and letting them go. It's a pretty good life tool as well, to surround yourself with people who spark joy within …

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This will be a full week and a satisfying one. You will do more of the things you want to do not the things you need to do. You will know what you seek and it will be in the line of sight. Sometimes it's not about getting what you want but knowing what you …

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The King of Wands.

The King of Wands suggests that it's time for you to put your stake on the ground. You have the vision and you are certainly up for the challenge. Yesterday's message was about having clarity about your vision and if you now have an idea that you can get behind, then it's time to take …

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~ January 2019 ~

January being the first month carries with it the energy of the number 1. There is a newness in the air, of starting afresh, of new possibilities, a sense of rejuvenation. January also brings with it a sense of urgency, of getting started quickly, which is what the Knight of Swords represents. He's the kind of guy who goes charging ahead towards his goals.

Indulge in life’s pleasures.

This card symbolises extreme comfort and satisfaction, to me. There is a sense of abundance, an openness, a feeling of overflowing emotion and love. And the contentment that comes from being in a safe, looked-after place. You're probably already experiencing this, and if you aren't, perhaps you need to reflect on the abundance in your …

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~ December Reading ~

It's the last month of the year and that got me thinking about endings and beginnings, of what lessons this year brought and what to glean from all that happened. With all that in mind, I thought I would do this reading in 3 parts. The first part is 'What you need to know?', which …

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Begin manifesting.

I love that this card has come at the beginning of the last month of the year. The ace of pentacles is all about new beginnings, a new opportunity, new potential and new possibilities. It's about that first step towards something new. And I wonder if it's about setting the stage for the new year. …

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Go after what you want.

Go after what you want - unapologetically, unashamedly, with full clear intent and focus. Don't worry about what people think or say. It's your desire, own it. Love, money, a car, a job, a dream, whatever it is, it is pure energy. You don't need to be cool or pretend you don't want it because …

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New possibilities.

New opportunities will be knocking at your door today. New possibilities are opening up for you now. A brilliant idea or new learning opportunity. A chance at a new friendship. It's a new creative force that is making an entrance at this time. I suspect it is somehow connected to the beaver moon - which …

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The lady.

Be passive today. If there is a choice to do or to be, then choose to be today. Even if there seems to be a rush, give it some time and it will settle down. Be creative today. Piant a stroke or write a line or even set your dinner plate in a creative way. …

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