5 of Swords.

The 5 of swords isn't the most pleasant card in the deck - it reminds me of a joust or battle between friends which has gone quite wrong. If you are annoyed with a friend or co-worker and there is potential for harsh words, just keep in mind that some battles you lose, even when …

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Making friends.

One of the lovely traits of Geminis is having the ability to communicate easily and effectively. This makes them really good to have around socially. The card today urges you to come out of your shell and meet people - can be your regular friends but this card means go meet new people and maybe …

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March 2019

March energies seem to be a lot about the heart, of love and relationships, of opening up the heart to self and to others, of inclusion, of being separate yet connected. I've just come back from the incredible inner child healing workshop and a lot of what I saw there, I am seeing in the …

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At ease.

Sukhasana is the at-ease pose or the happiness pose and that's what this week feels like. Being at-ease. Unlike savasana, which is the relaxation pose, Sukhasana is just being comfortable. It is the ease that comes from feeling the stability of the earth beneath us, from the spine which has the support to be straight …

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Dunno what happened to the other post but don't feel like rewriting it so here's the one that was meant to be for today 😊. Sadness, loss, pain, grief, has been in and around me for some time now and I now see it with very different eyes. For some reason we like to couch …

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February ~ Potential & Possiblity

February will be a month where you may feel that you are yo-yo-ing or going around in circles. Some financial loss and then some financial gain, heartbreak but then a shining light, and that is the energy of the month. The High Priestess rules the month of February and duality is her nature.

Love & Relationships.

Today is a good day to reach out and connect with a friend, a partner, a neighbour or even family. There are no coincidences or accidents when it comes to relationships and proximity to someone is always, always part of the divine plan. You don't choose your neighbours or community - it is chosen for …

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Of all the relationships in the world, friendship is one of the most beautiful ones. You can choose your friends (unlike your family) and you can have as many as you want (no need for monogomy😁). Friendships can be easy and fun, they can be complicated and deep, it can be as varied as possible …

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~ November Reading ~

November brings with it a sense of nostalgia, a feeling of months gone by too fast, and a rush to do things before the year ends. The 11th month on a number 11 year is pretty significant and to top it, we have the Justice card appear in this reading, which is the number 11 …

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