Change of Season.

Just like the change in season, our lives go through periods of bloom and shedding, of hibernating and basking in the sun. Today is shedding season. When autumn comes and the trees shed old leaves, there are moments of sadness coupled with moments of hope because you know that it is time for renewal and …

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Spirit of destruction.

Following from yesterday's message of inviting in abundance, today's card asks what needs to be destroyed so that something new can be created? To create abundance what limiting thoughts and beliefs need to be shafted? Destruction is not a bad thing if it is an organic natural movement and it reminds me of nature and …

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The message from the third quarter moon is to find a deeper meaning and connection in the world around you. It is a time to take stock and to reflect on where you are, how you got here and where you want to go on from here. Reflect and contemplate. Introspect and course correct if …

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Message from the Scorpion.

For such a small animal, we sure give the Scorpion a great deal of berth. This is because the scorpion knows how to protect itself and it's territory. It doesn't attack first, just defends itself and it's own. The scorpion comes with this potent message for you to protect yourself and what is yours, even …

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Yesterday, I was reminded that it was Mahashivratri and how the message of finding beauty in everything was so apt. It feels that today's message of release is a corollary to that - Shiva does encourage you to purge the negative and impure from your inner and outer world. It is time to release yourself …

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Angel of Song.

Israfel is a herald, a beacon, her song, sung out loud, is a calling for an ending. You may find a shift today, a difference in how to think or letting go of an old belief or pattern. Suddenly it will be clear to you - how you want to be, who you want to be with, what you want to believe.

Ancestor of guidance.

If you find yourself echoing the footsteps of your ancestors, know that they are here to guide you into a new direction that is entirely yours. There is so much that we do subconsciously that mirrors what our forefathers did, even though we are not in the same circumstances. The last thing they would want …

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Love and longing.

This card is for the someone or something that you long to be with again. Those that we love are always in our hearts but sometimes we long for the physical connection. It is said that when we sleep our soul goes about galavanting to many realms, to the past and to the future, to …

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Love & Relationships.

Today is a good day to reach out and connect with a friend, a partner, a neighbour or even family. There are no coincidences or accidents when it comes to relationships and proximity to someone is always, always part of the divine plan. You don't choose your neighbours or community - it is chosen for …

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Have a Good Night.

Did you see the Moon the last few nights? It's been so gorgeous, like a fat lantern hung in the sky. And so close, like you could reach out and touch her. It's felt especially potent to me this time - did you feel it too? I could have done with this blessing the last …

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